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Update TomTom Maps - TomTom GPS Map Update

TomTom always provides the software and map update to their users but due to lack of right information, users didn’t find the accurate steps and due to update, users got plenty of issues such as network issue, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity issue, hanging problem, the screen is showing unexpected error and much more. So, if you are facing any issue on your Tom-tom GPS device and looking for the Tomtom Map Update so don’t go anywhere because here you will get complete information regarding the update. Just see the below-given steps:

How to get Update TomTom Maps with free of cost?

  • Open the desktop or laptop and visit the official website of Tom-tom via any web browser.
  • Then, tap on the update section.
  • Scroll down and find the TomTom Home option.
  • Tap on the category and choose your Tom-tom GPS device as per the model name and number.
  • Before, starting the download, just check the operating system requirement which is available on the screen.
  • After then, tap on the Download button and hit on the Run now after providing the system permission.
  • Select your language and country.
  • After completing the download, The TomTom Home will launch on the display screen.
  • Now, connect the USB cable between the computer and GPS device for the Tomtom Map Update.
  • Now, click on Update my go button.
  • Enter the email address or registered with contact information.
  • The TomTom home is automatically finding the update on your device.
  • If any update is appearing on the screen so just check the box on those updates.
  • Now, tap on the Update and install button.
  • Accept terms and agreement and wait for a while.
  • Finally, tap on the Done button.

Moreover, users can simply get Update TomTom Maps via the above-presented steps but after updating, if you are facing the same issues so you have to purchase some maps for instant recovery your GPS device.

How to purchase maps for TomTom Update?

If you didn’t take the lifetime map update service so on the duration of the update, you have to purchase a map for as well as software as per the demand. So here you can see the steps of purchasing in a very easy manner. Just see the below-given steps.

Steps to purchase maps for TomTom GPS Update?

  • Just go to the official website of Tomtom and select the update section.
  • Now, hit on the download and after completing the download process, just run the file on your computer.
  • Tomtom home will appear on the display screen so just tap on the purchase button.
  • Select your map and log-in via email and password.
  • If you are first time user so just follow the sign-up process.
  • Enter the current location and select the language from the list.
  • Choose a suitable payment option and pay the amount.

Therefore, users can easily purchase a map for Update TomTom GPS but on the duration of purchasing, your internet speed should be in good condition.

How to get TomTom GPS Update using MyDrive Connect?

  • Open your computer and go to the official website of Tomtom via any web browser such as Google, Mozilla, Bing, or other.
  • Tap on the products section.
  • Select For driver option.
  • Now hit on the update section.
  • Scroll down and click on My TomTom Driver.
  • Download for Windows or Mac as per the choice.
  • Before starting the download, just check the system requirement for the TomTom GPS Update.
  • After completing the download, double click on the downloaded file and tap on the install button.
  • My Drive connects will appear on the computer screen.
  • Registered via personal information.
  • Now, connect the USB cable with the computer and the other end should be GPS device.
  • Add your device via model number and name.
  • Tap on the update button and My drive connect will automatically find the recent update.
  • If any update is appearing the screen so hit on the install button.
  • Then, hit on the Finish button and remove the USB cable from the device.

Thus, users can check the latest update TomTom GPS and rid of any type of issue. But, on the duration of the update, your battery level should be good and provide the excellent class internet speed.